Dune Novel Reviews

Dune Novels (click link to go to my review.)
       By Frank Herbert:
·        Dune
·        Dune Messiah
·        Children of Dune
·        God Emperor of Dune
·        Heretics of Dune
·        Chapterhouse Dune
By Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson:
                   The House Trilogy:
·        House Atreides
·        House Harkonnen
·        House Corrino
The Legends Trilogy:
·        The Butlerian Jihad      
·        The Machine Crusade
·        The Battle of Corin
Dune Seven duology:
·        Hunters of Dune
·        Sandworms of Dune
Heroes of Dune:
·        Paul of Dune
·        The Winds of Dune
Great Schools of Dune:
·        The Sisterhood of Dune
·        The Road to Dune